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I'm FINALLY getting myself a copy FL Studio 12!

2017-07-18 21:43:45 by Gawne

After over two years of regretfully using a cracked version of FL Studio 12, I am finally buying myself a licensed copy of FL Studio 12: Producer Edition! So needless to say, I'm very excited!

It's hard to explain and I'm probably the only one who feels this was but, it's hard to use a program knowing that it's not an authentic copy, y'know? As fake as it sounds, I often find myself feeling like shit for using FL Studio ‘cause I’m not the dude who purchased the license and I’m not even supporting the people behind the program. I mean, I start college this August to be a Video Game Programmer and Designer. It would stink to shit knowing that if I make a game in the coming years that somebody is out there circulating a non-legitimate copy of a game that I worked very hard on. But shit, I'm a realist and I know it's probably going to happen anyway, but I no longer want to be a hypocritical person who does that and insist other people to not do it; I don't want to be a person who leeches off of cracked programs and illegitimate copies of very nice (but albeit sometimes expensive) copies of programs, and that goes for all cracked programs I use, not only FLS.

But, I digress, to my very small fanbase just know that their won't be a song for a while, as I plan to buy the license in the coming weeks when I get my paycheck :P In the meantime, bear with me 'cause I have some really cool ideas for songs coming in the later weeks, months, and hopefully years :) In other news, I recently finised watching the show "The Office" and I can stop watching this edit:




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2017-07-19 04:12:14

I know the feeling; I never got the cracked version because of that same principle, and stuck with using demo FL for nine months, not being able to save because saving would make me lose the Fruity Soundfont Player -- one of the plugins I rely on the most even to this day.

I still use FL11; I'm not upgrading to 12 AT ALL. If FL13 brings back the time signature selector and Fruity Soundfont Player for x64, I would gladly switch to it when it comes out.

Gawne responds:

Heyo, so I' not the only one who feels this way! But yeah, because of morals I just felt like I had too :)