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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is... Umm... Interesting? It's what the cool kids call "Oddly Satisfying" and I can definitely see why you named this game such a obscure name. Firstly, I LOVE puzzle games, it's a fun way to exercise your brain. Secondly, this game is getting 4.5/5 for one tiny nit pick reason but I'll get to that later.

+ Steady difficulty curve
+ Excellent minimalist design
+ Like I said before it's oddly satisfying when your shape covers where it needs to
+ A very complete game, has a reset button and everything. You'd be surprised how many flash games don't have that
+ It's easy to understand your objective; no tutorial needed
+ I'm a sucker for geometric shapes :3

* Maybe adds some background music or a sound effect when you move one of those points
* More levels? IDK 16 levels seems rather short

- The one negative I see in this game is you can move a point off screen and the only way to get it back on screen is to reset the level. This can a huge problem when you just found out about this bug and you're almost done with the level, but generally you will smart to not move the point off screen anymore after that.

Pretty much a perfect flash game. Everything about it was great and enjoyable, granted the game is pretty short, I finished through level 11 in roughly 10 minutes. But that level 12 is a tricky one :L Well done on this game :)

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JokerDenFromMR responds:

Thank you for complex review!

Circls Circls

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Really good game, it's something I really never seen before. You have to hold down a certain letter until the circle surround the letter is the same size as your's. At times it does get a little boring but other times it really keeps you on your toes. (Or in this case finger :P)

+ An interesting concept that I've never seen before
+ Catchy theme, not the best but matches with the game fairly well
+ The satisfaction of getting a perfect five times in a row ^-^
+ Steady difficulty with easy, medium, and hard
+ The slow-mo power-up helps a lot!

-/+ Main menu pretty boring, but oh well
-/+ Circls? Is the typo intentionally? (I truthfully can't tell)
-/+ Levels going on forever? I don't like that, I like the satisfaction of beating a whole level

- I don't know if it's just me, but sometimes when I think I'm on point, I end up getting a "Bad" maybe the hit detection is a bit off?

Overall, a solid flash game, definitely something I might come back to for nostalgia. The concept is original, the music is great, and most importantly it's fun. I've seen a lot of crap minimal flash games here on Newgrounds but every now and then there's a diamond in the ruff. Good job on the game :)


Rope Jump Rope Jump

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Meh, It's okay. This game really isn't anything special. You have "x" item jumping over "x" thing. This mechanic has been done SO many times and better at that. But that's not to say this game is totally bad, there are some things that make it border-line okay.

+ High score displays everyone that's played. Nice touch on that
+ The cloud that passes every now and then is some sort of distraction, but add some more to it
+ Simplistic enough for all age groups
+ Has some addictive charm to it; you have the feeling that you want to beat your high score

- Mediocre graphics
- No pattern to the jump rope, all you have to do is jump when it's at the highest point.
- The jumping sound effect begins to drive you crazy
- No music, add some music. Perhaps a song that starts off slow and then picks up as you progress further and further?
- Add some variation with the jump rope, start off slow and then pick up the pace little by little.
- Make the jump rope animate more smoothly, what are we playing this on? A Game and Watch?

Overall, it needs work; lot's of it! You can take this constructive criticism with grain of salt or try some things I suggest. The game has an okay base but it needs more "fuel." You can keep it the way it is or you can improve it. :)

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Platformium Platformium

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

You know what? Not that bad. I'm a sucker for VVVVVV I bloody love that game. Anyway, the game has a simple, but likable concept a 2D Dungeon Crawler Platformer. I like the simple graphics and the controls are alright for now. Let me start with the positives:

+ Fun game overall. Definitely Newgrounds-worthy
+ Coordinates labeled are nice alternative instead of a map-system
+ [OPINIONATED] Music is engaging and fitting for the game
+ I like the random chucks of comedy
+ Controls aren't frictionless and are good enough just make the controls a bit more tighter. Take a look a game called Everybody Edits, try to match the friction of the character to the characters in Everybody Edits.

- Ahem Coordinates, not Co-ordinates, harmless typo not biggie just a quick fix.
- Multiple bugs spotted, the room with the 74 on it got the character stuck and I couldn't move moreover, if you mute the game and click remove lag the sound goes ape and just clicks rapidly.
- Graphics although simple, maybe add solid colors instead of a combination, maybe it'll make it look nicer?
- Jumping a bit glitchey

Overall, the game is alright, work out some more bugs and flaws and I think you'll have a nice solid flash game. Good job and keep on improving this game :)


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InfinitySnapz responds:

Thank you for the constructive criticism/advice, I am about to publish version 1.1, but your suggestions will be noted for 1.2.


Edit 1 (1.2 is out) : I have managed to fix
- 'coordinates' instead of 'co-ordinates'
- fixed getting stuck on two levels.
- changed background

I will fix the rest later.

Cave Sweet Cave Cave Sweet Cave

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Wow, this IS something. I can clearly see that this is still in development, so I'm not going to review this as a complete game. Although I am a sucker for pixel-like/simple-graphics games this one has a lot of ground to cover if it could even be "meh." Let me start with the positives.

+ Like I said before, love the pixel graphics, I'm a sucker for them
+ I really couldn't do anything like this; I can't code nor even try to use Unity
+ I like how it's put in chapters, makes stuff a bit more cohesive

- The arrow keys not only correspond to the game, but the the webpage, so when I press the UP arrow key, the webpage moves up and so on with the DOWN key. FIX THIS!
- [OPINIONATED] Music doesn't fit with the game at all, maybe add a mute button?
- Although I do like the pixel graphic perhaps improve on the sprites and make them a BIT better?
- WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THE GAME? From what I could piece together, you're a hungry yeti and you eat humans to keep your hunger bar up. I don't quite get it, maybe add a tutorial?
- At least add a semi-mediocre story. It doesn't even have to be animated or nothing just a text box that explains what's going on.
- Humans can escape to easily off screen, at least make the first chapter easier.

Overall, the game is below meh, but with proper improvements I don't see why it shouldn't be in the Games Portal. Keep improving this video game :)


IgorsGames responds:

Thanks for the detailed feedback!
As for arrow keys, try to click on a game with mouse when you encounter problem with keyboard, it's a common web game issue. For me it fixes this case.
And yes it's not finished, and graphics is the next main thing I plan to improve!